The Digital Anthropology Interest Group (DANG) is a specialized subgroup under the auspices of the American Anthropological Association. Dedicated to fostering the role of digital technologies in anthropological research, DANG serves as a nexus for scholars who employ digital methodologies, conduct research in digital environments, or disseminate findings through digital platforms.

DANG’s scholarly inquiries are manifold, encompassing a wide range of topics—from scrutinizing issues of privacy and identity in big data and social media landscapes to analyzing hacktivism and digitally-situated social movements. It also delves into the intersections of social media with geopolitics, the sociocultural dimensions of video game addiction, and the implications of mobile device use on distracted driving. Further extending its reach, it explores the ramifications of digital technologies on education, focusing on online learning modalities and equitable access to digital resources.

DANG does not merely regard digital technology as a set of tools to facilitate research; it also considers it a distinct ethnographic field. In this context, it interrogates the binary classification of digital and physical experiences, advocating for a more integrated understanding. DANG disputes the notion that digital interactions are mere virtual subsets of ‘real-life’ phenomena, stressing the co-constitutive relationship between the two domains.

Committed to the ethos of public anthropology, DANG prioritizes open access as an operational principle. DANG works assiduously to disseminate academic insights to broader audiences, aiming to contribute to public discourses and policy formulations.

DANG is resolutely dedicated to academic mentorship. It’s network actively supports students and offers consultative services to researchers interested in branching into digital anthropology. By fostering an interdisciplinary approach, it serves as a conduit for innovation and knowledge exchange within the anthropological community and beyond.

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