A research question is a question that a researcher seeks to answer through the collection and analysis of data. A research question is typically the starting point for a research project, as it provides a clear and focused direction for the research. A well-defined research question should be specific, concise, and relevant to the research topic and should be related to the research hypotheses or objectives. A research question can take many different forms, depending on the research topic and the research method. For example, a research question might be a broad question about a phenomenon, such as “What are the causes of climate change?” or a more specific question about a particular aspect of a phenomenon, such as “How does the use of social media affect political participation among young people?” By defining a clear and focused research question, researchers can ensure that their research is well-directed and that the research findings are relevant and meaningful.

In UX research, a research question typically relates to a particular aspect of the user experience, such as user behavior, attitudes, or preferences. For example, a research question in UX might be “What are the factors that influence user engagement with a website?” or “How do user attitudes towards privacy affect their willingness to use a mobile app?” By defining a research question, UX researchers can ensure that their research is focused and relevant and that the data they collect and analyze is directly related to the research question. In addition, the research question can also serve as a roadmap for the research process, as it can help researchers to identify the methods and techniques that they will use to collect and analyze data and interpret and communicate the findings of the research.