Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
Maria Angelica Lizarazo Tarazona on Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
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In this episode of the Anthro to UX podcast, Maria Angelica Lizarazo Tarazona speaks with Matt Artz about her UX journey, product management, and how her information technology skills support her anthropology work. Maria earned a degree in Anthropology from the Universidad Externado de Colombia and works as a UX research lead.

About Maria Angelica Lizarazo Tarazona

Maria Angelica Lizarazo Tarazona is an entrepreneur and business anthropologist from Bogota, Colombia. She is currently a UX Research Lead at Blackboard-Anthology. She has more than a decade of experience in digital & tech product development for telco, financial and educational markets.

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