Interviews are a research method used to collect detailed, in-depth information from participants in a study. In UX research, interviews are often used to understand user needs, motivations, and behaviors. Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or online, and they can provide valuable insights into user experiences and preferences.

UX research interviews can be structured (with a set list of questions), semi-structured (with a list of questions but also allowing for variability), or unstructured (allowing the conversation to flow naturally). Structured interviews can be useful for collecting specific information from participants, while unstructured interviews can provide a more open-ended, exploratory approach to collecting data. Semi-structured interviews split the difference between structured and unstructured interviews and allow researchers to collect responses to a specific set of questions while also uncovering unknowns.

UX research interviews are often conducted one-on-one, but they can also be conducted with groups of users. Interviews can be audio recorded and transcribed for analysis, or they can be observed, and notes can be taken during the interview.