About Victoria de Aranzeta

Victoria de Aranzeta is a multi-disciplinary UX designer and researcher passionate about creating purpose-driven tools and decolonizing design thinking. She is currently working at NCX as a Senior Product Designer, where she leads the design of the Landowner Platform and operationalizes ethical research practices across the company. Victoria has also worked as a founding product designer and researcher at Spora Health, where she led the design vision and research strategy for creating culture-centered healthcare products for People of Color. She established and led decolonizing design and research practices to build people-centered experiences and created processes, research toolkits, and a design system with accessible components. Prior to Spora Health, Victoria was an interaction designer on crowdsourcing software at Google on the Crowdsource team, where she partnered with other designers, researchers, and engineers to create a more ethics-rooted AI. With vast experience in ethical research, qualitative research, UX writing, design systems, and strategy, Victoria is a creative designer and critical thinker specializing in decolonizing design thinking, visual design, accessible design, and interaction design.