Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
Alexandra Mack on Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
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In this episode of the Anthro to UX podcast, Alexandra Mack speaks with Matt Artz about her UX journey from studying archaeology to her current role as Managing Principal Researcher at Ad Hoc. Along the way, the conversation touches on her time at Bitney Bowes and reflects on the shifting practice of research and design.

About Alexandra Mack

Alexandra Mack is an anthropologist and Managing Principal Researcher at Ad Hoc.

Her passion for understanding people, what they do, and why they do it has led to a career at the intersection of customer-centered design, innovation, market research, opportunity identification, business planning, and cultural change.

As one of the first anthropologists hired at Pitney Bowes, she established frameworks for research and analysis and developed a program of work practice research. She also facilitated opportunity identification, designed end-to-end client experiences, and worked closely with internal stakeholders to orchestrate the execution of new ideas and processes. 

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