Julia Wignall is an experienced anthropologist and business professional with a focus on Experience Insights & Design. She has a strong background in bringing social science to business decisions and has been actively involved in applying her expertise to the context of a children’s hospital.

Julia’s areas of expertise span a wide range of subjects, including ethical research practices, ethnography, participant observation, qualitative analysis, human-centered design, patient and family experience, user experience, technology, healthcare, immigration, undocumented youth, institutional access, law, community-based organizing, activism, and Spanish.

Her career journey includes several key roles at Seattle Children’s. As a Manager in Experience Insights & Design, she led the charge in workforce, patient, and family experience insights, mixed methods research, and service design for strategy and innovation. Julia played a pivotal role in implementing equity-focused design tools and projects, generating valuable insights that influenced product and program strategies across the organization.

Before her managerial role, she served as the Supervisor for Patient & Family Experience, where she was responsible for conducting qualitative and mixed methods research for various strategic initiatives, enabling the organization to make informed decisions based on customer insights. Additionally, Julia co-taught Human-Centered Design Workshops, demonstrating her commitment to knowledge-sharing and skill development.

Earlier in her career, Julia was a Qualitative Researcher at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, co-designing and publishing research studies with medical research teams. Her work involved conducting in-depth interviews, ethnographic fieldwork, prototype testing, and thematic coding, all contributing to valuable research outputs.

Furthermore, she made significant contributions as an Anthropologist & Analyst for Patient & Family Experience, where she established the organization’s first ethnographic and mixed methods research program. Julia’s insights played a critical role in shaping models of care, service delivery, and overall patient experience, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives in research.

Before joining Seattle Children’s, Julia served as a Program Coordinator & Analyst for the Mental Health Access line. In this role, she managed day-to-day operations, analyzed program data to demonstrate its effectiveness, and assessed prescribing rates to assess the impact of psychiatry consults.

Throughout her career, Julia Wignall has demonstrated her dedication to using qualitative research methods to inform decision-making and drive positive change in various domains. Her commitment to creating higher-quality insights through diverse voices showcases her anthropological expertise and dedication to making a meaningful impact in her field.