Jason Garrison is a highly skilled UX Researcher with a proven track record in leveraging a broad range of mixed-methods to understand users’ behaviors, values, and motivations. With over five years of experience in the field, Jason is celebrated for his exceptional ability to empathize with users, transforming qualitative and quantitative feedback into influential product features. He excels at marrying product and engineering closer to the user experience and is recognized for his insightful research and collaborative work ethic.

Currently, Jason is serving at AnswerLab, where he spearheads research projects, delivering valuable ethnographies to assist clients in understanding their target audiences better. His role at AnswerLab has allowed him to hone a diverse range of skills, including moderating, communication, ethnography, stakeholder engagement, consultation, customer journey mapping, and user interviews.

Before joining AnswerLab, Jason held a contract position as a UX Researcher at Google via Akraya. During his tenure, he defined, developed, and led research studies to optimize internal tools for Google engineers, with his work resulting in several design enhancements for internal developer tools. Jason also distinguished himself by conducting In-Depth Interviews within several international markets to understand user patterns, behavior, and mental models.

Earlier in his career, Jason worked as a User Researcher at Rock Central, where he initiated the first-ever user research program for the Rocket Mortgage Mobile app. His work at Rock Central resulted in a better understanding of mobile consumer expectations, more defined user segments, and the successful launch of the mobile user research program.

Jason also served as a UX Writer for Comcast, shaping and delivering digital content aligned with updated content strategy guidelines. Before Comcast, he held the position of UX Researcher at UX Cabin, where he owned and executed the design of a new app from start to finish.

In all his roles, Jason has shown a knack for both understanding user needs and translating that understanding into actionable insights. His diverse skills and experiences make him a versatile researcher capable of meeting a wide array of UX challenges. With his firm belief in fostering inclusivity and his dedication to enhancing the user experience, Jason continues to bring value to his team and clients.