Anthro to UX Podcast Cover Art
Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
Jason Garrison on Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
Anthro to UX Podcast Cover Art
Anthro to UX with Matt Artz
Jason Garrison on Anthro to UX with Matt Artz

In this Anthro to UX podcast episode, Jason Garrison speaks with  about his  journey. The conversation covers Jason’s journey from being an educator to becoming a cultural anthropologist and eventually transitioning to UX research. Throughout the episode, Jason emphasizes the importance of empathy, networking, and relationship-building in UX research. Additionally, he provides guidance on pursuing a PhD in anthropology and delves into the role of research operations in UX, discussing strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. Jason also highlights the benefits of embedded ethnography for understanding research team function and growth and offers advice for breaking into research operations.

About Jason Garrison

Jason Garrison is a seasoned UX Researcher, currently leading projects at AnswerLab, where he utilizes his mastery in mixed-methods to deliver valuable ethnographies and help clients understand their target audiences better. With over five years in the field, his journey has encompassed roles at UX Cabin, Comcast, Rock Central, and Google, each contributing to his unique skill set. His tenure has been marked by significant achievements such as initiating the first user research program for the Rocket Mortgage Mobile app at Rock Central and enhancing internal developer tools at Google. Jason’s ability to empathize with users and translate insights into actionable results, combined with his dedication to inclusivity, makes him a valuable asset in the UX industry.

Key Moments

00:00:00 Introduction to the Anthro to UX podcast

00:00:38 Introduction to Jason Garrison

00:01:28 Jason’s early interest in anthropology

00:02:25 Jason’s practicum in Malaysia and exposure to applied anthropology

00:04:10 Jason’s interest in the practical application of anthropology

00:05:57 Jason’s discovery of UX during the pandemic

00:07:08 Jason’s transition to UX research

00:09:30 The importance of storytelling in UX research

00:11:20 The role of empathy in UX research

00:06:28 Jason’s decision not to pursue a PhD in anthropology

00:08:14 Discussion on the value of a PhD for UX research

00:10:00 Jason’s view on the practical application of anthropology in UX

00:11:37 Addressing the criticism of anthropology being watered down in UX

00:12:47 Importance of anthropology in understanding business and value proposition

00:13:51 Research operations contributes to good anthropology

00:15:38 Research operations enables researchers to be great storytellers

00:16:58 Research operations facilitates great tools for ongoing research

00:18:28 Importance of intake process and repository in research

00:18:56 Research operations socializes what the UX research team does and inspires towards what could be done in the future

00:19:17 Additional skills for research operations: learning how to speak the language of business, understanding KPIs, and being able to anticipate and intuit what’s valuable for a product team

00:23:13 Embedded ethnography is a great way to provide outside feedback on how a research team can grow and where it needs more resources

00:24:33 Encouragement for those interested in research operations to talk to people in strategy and product partners to understand the relationship between research and design

00:26:15 Jason Garrison’s contact information

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